Thursday, October 30, 2014

Exhibition of Photography -The City : Becoming And Decaying reached at Malaysia

Satu acara pameran sedang berlangsung di Galeri Petronas sekarang ini.
 Pameran  fotografi itu sedang bermula pada 23.09.2014 sehingga 02.11.2014. Institusi yang terlibat menjayakan pameran ini adalah GOETHE INSTITUT.

18 Artist in The Exhibition 

Maurice Weiss
Thomas Meyer
Frank Schinski
Espen Eichhofer
Pepa Hristova
Jordis Antonia Schosser 
Harald Hauswald 
Linn Schroder
Dawin Meckel
Ute + Werner Mahler
Andrej Krementschouk
Julian Roder
Anne Schonharting
Heinrich Volkel
Sibylle Bergemann
Jorg Bruggemann
Annette Hauschild


The City : Becoming and Decaying

The City is the origin of civilization, melting pot of cultures, mentalities, religions and ideas. Each day around the world almost 200,000 people are moving from countryside to the cities, looking for a better life, security, freedom, and prosperity. The City offers  great chance, but also great risks for each individual: poverty, criminality and anonymity as well as blatant contrast which shape many megacities today. Although: The city is the future of the world, the place which determines how people will henceforth live together.

The 18 photographers of the German agency OSTKREUZ are on the guest for finding the urban realities of today: How are people living in Tokyo and Manila, Lago and Las Vegas, Berlin, Minsk and Gaza? Made up of overall 22 cities around the globe, the photographic essays - a once- only long-term project. Shown are cities as place of future hope, but also in a way in which the seem to perish under the waste and chaos. All pictures present as whole: the city of the future.

OSTKREUZ is the most significant German photo agency. Founded at the end of the GDR in East Berlin after the model of Magnum it hosts the most import contemporary German photographers. To its 20-year-anniversary OSTKREUZ members conceptualised and realised the exhibition " The City.Becoming and Decaying", Which is on an International tour since 2010.


Tanjong Malim,  02:29pm
 by: Miss Kiw1

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