Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blind girl scores straight As in UPSR

PRETTY and articulate Celine Lean Yew Lin has big plans for herself and this includes pursuing her education at a residential school for the visually impaired.
“I feel there would be a lot of advantages at a residential school as it would have full facilities for students like me,“ said the 12-year-old SK Klang student who scored straight As for the UPSR examination.
She hopes to go to special education school in Setapak to continue her secondary education next year.
Celine, who lives with her parents and younger brother in Port Klang, became blind at the age of four due to leukemia.
Her mother Tan Poh Suan, 44, said Celine was in complete remission of the disease for now.
Celine, who attends the special education class at SK Klang, is confident of scoring As throughout her schooling years.
“I will work towards this and later pursue a course to become a lecturer in any arts-related field, “ said Celine.
She said she was unable to opt for the science subjects due to her disability.
She listens to teen pop and R&B music for relaxation.
She said her favourite book is the Harry Porter series which her mother transcribed into Braille for her.
“I like Book Four the best and I can finish reading any book in a very short time,” she said.
However, Tan said it took her almost a year to translate the Harry Porter series for her daughter.
Tan said she started learning Braille very soon after Celine became blind and raised her daughter to be independent.
She said she took the advice of Celine’s kindergarten teacher at the Malaysian Association for the Blind to teach her not to be overly dependant on others.
When asked to describe her daughter, a beaming Tan said Celine is opinionated.
“It is good to have opinions as people will know what you think and it doesn’t matter if they accept it or not,” said Celine.
Meanwhile, Selangor Education Depart-ment director Sulaiman Wak said at least 10% of the 84, 299 UPSR candidates obtained straight As.
Sulaiman said the assessment showed an increase of 0.02% in the average score grade compared to last year.
He said the percentage of candidates obtaining lower grades (grade D or E and both) has decreased.
He added there were overall increases in the English language subject in all national-type schools and Chinese schools.
*hah,, apa yang baca ni miss kiwi ambil daripada STAR.. tahniah miss kiwi ucapkan kepada adik  Celine Lean Yew Lin ..  kepada adik2 yang belum amik upsr tu.. amik la iktibar daripada pencapaian adik ni..walaupun cacat penglihatan..die tak patah semangat untuk meneruskan perjuangan dalam pelajaran.
mak die pon bagi sokongan moral kepada anak istimewa ni..syukur lah..berhasil juga kan usaha adik ni..
miss kiwi yang masih cukup anggota pon lum mampu nak dapat pencapaian begitu lah zaman UPSR miss kiwi dah lama berlalu.. tapi masih segar dalam ingatan miss kiwi..
kepada adik celine.. moga adik dapat tawaran ke sekolah berasrama penuh ,,  TAHNIAH SEKALI LAGI..!!

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